Friday, May 14, 2010

A great universal freebie pattern for a tote


· 1m of bag material/curtain material with backing, or canvas material suits the best to keep the shape/

· 30 cm of contrasting fabric for pocket

· 40 cm of upholstery vinyl

· 3 contrasting vintage style buttons

· 70-80- cm of lining material/calico or other/

HOW TO; shape 50 cmX40 cm


Cut the shape as indicated, cutting at the same time 2x bag’s body and 2x lining PLEASE FOLD THE MATERIAL IN HALF SO THERE WILL BE NO BOTTOM SEAM /makes the bag more durable/

2/cut the p

ocket as shape indicates, sew in the row edges ¼ of an inch, measure the middle of the bag at the front and sew on the pocket with right side out on 3 sides leaving the top open

3/Sew the sides of the bags body, and side of the lining

4/ after sewing flatten the side seam so it is facing you and it is in the middle of the bag’s bottom as a triangle the line in the middle is your seam, measure 2 inches from the point down,

and mark it, square up the seam with ruler at the bottom

and mark a line; do the same for the other side


Do the same for the lining


Assemble the bag : inserting the lining into the bag right side of the bag facing the right side of the lining, stitch together on the top leaving a gap of 3-4 inches


Turn the lot inside out; insert the lining into the bag and top stitch the lot on the top all over closing the gap as well.

7/ cut the vinyl handles 4 inches wide, fold in half and sew together on the right side, repeat on the other side


Before attaching the handles cut the little mobile phone pouch depending on the size of the phone (approx. 8 cm) and sew it around with ¼ inch seam on 3 sides; cut a straight line 2 inches from the top and 2 inches wide and thread the handle through so the pouch stays on the top make loop from the vinyl by cutting a 2 inches wide and 3 inches long and make a button hole (just a straight cut into it) considering the size of the button you going to use

Sew the button on the pouch and affix the loop for the pouch at the back of it


Affix the handles by sewing them to the bag on both side on the seam area and cover them with vintage buttons (or by choice) on the seams

10/sew another button on the front of the bag behind the pocket’s edge and then make a button hole (as instructed by your machine’s manual) on the pocket matching up the hole and the button for good closure

11/as the bag is big, and the sides could be collapsed inside, make 2x loops from the pocket material by cutting 2x 3 inches wide and 2 inches long fabric, fold them in half then unfold, and fold the top part towards the fold (all doing on the wrong side facing you) in the middle and press as you go, do the same for the bottom part, then fold the lot over, so you will have a loop with right sides at the front and back.

Attach it to both side of the bag by folding in half and sewing it on the back side of the bag, folding row edges inwards; affix buttons to the front side of the bag and button up. If you need a big bag for shopping, unbutton them, and you will have a large shopping bag.



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